The underlying concept behind Addixx has always been finding a way to push my love for caps and channel it to putting UK above the brim. Primarily, there seemed to be no brand doing this at the time apart from the odd London cap here and there, thus Addixx has taken it upon itself to take a stand to pursue this. Our passion is to make caps with clever concepts and designs that shows off the UK like no other but also compliment our customers unique individuality and personal style wherever they are.

Much more than anything else we love headwear and urban culture, always have been and always will be a fan at heart. It is with this unshakeable love and passion for caps and the culture that help us set our vision to push and champion British headwear and urban culture to higher heights, one head at a time.

There is a huge task and long road ahead but we won’t stop until when you hear Addixx, you Think Caps, Think British Streetwear & Think British Urban Culture.

 Addixx – More Than Just A Cap. 

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